This site has reported primarily on training, injuries, rehabilitation and nutrition. Rarely have we ventured into side avenues (with some exceptions). I recently came across an article worth looking at. Katzmarzyk, 2010 throws the entire paradigm of physical activity into question. He points out that while the benefits of 3x30min at a moderate pace are well documented, evidence indicates that something as simple as walking 20,000 steps/day; as opposed to the recommendation of 8-10,000; has been demonstrated to provide even larger health benefits.

Looking at populations such as Inuit who only had access to a sedentary lifestyle post-WWII and looking at Amish populations, he points out that increasing non-exercise activity has huge implications as literally everyone can take the stairs, park farther from work and the mall, etc.

He concludes with a simple recommendation, on top of your physical activity regimen (whatever it may or may not be), add in 150 min/week of non-exercise activity. The easiest way to do this would be to add a few small walks into your daily routine but he points out that simply walking 10 min from your car, up the stairs, to your desk twice a day is already 20min/day or 100min/week. Finding 10 extra min to move during the day should not be too difficult.

This is old advice but it merits repeating in our society as we continue to become more sedentary- get up and move. No one is responsible for your body except you, so just do it.