The Wingate Anaerobic Test is one of the standards for power and anaerobic capacity. Coppin et al 2011 decided to determine a mean for NCAA division 1 male athletes in football and track & field.

The average male college athlete (aged 20.8yrs, 84.4kg and 183.9cm) it was found that peak power was 1084.2watts with mean power at 777 watts. Per unit of bodyweight that becomes 12.9watts/kg and 9.3watts/kg respectively.

This gives one a base with which to compare their peak and mean power outputs. If you are training for or coaching athletes for a sport with a large anaerobic power component, then hoping on a cycling ergometer to determine their current power levels is to see how they’d stack up against ncaa division athletes would be a good idea. Hopefully you and your athletes are in the vicinity of these levels. If not, doing a cycle of lactate threshold training, speed endurance work and kettlebell work might be in order.