In the past 25 years, progressive resistance has become a staple of athletic development. Unfortunately, it hasn’t really made headway into the recreational athlete world. Bands have been used for a while but have been made popular by the powerlifters of Westside Barbell and EliteFTS. The idea being that the weight gets heavier as the lift comes closer to completion (and is easier). For example, if you can deadlift 405, but wanted to do so more explosively- you could load up the bar to 315 and place to bands with 90lb of tension on them. At the bottom, you would be moving 315 but at the top you’d be supporting 405. This forces you to accelerate throughout the lift. Generally, using bands to represent 20-40% of the load increases rate of force development and overall power after only a few weeks. Give this a try and see how much more explosive you become.