Anyone who studied exercise physiology will recognize these names. During world war II, these doctors (who happened to lift weights) were used by the US military to develop a way to prepare young men for war. Their initial research from the 40s and the system they penned in the 50s is still taught in classrooms to this day. In terms of an introduction to weight lifting, few systems would be better for the general populous.

First, establish your 10-rep max. Considering this is designed for the masses, this will generally be a low, safe weight. Complete 3 sets of 10; 1×10 at 50%, 1×10 at 75% and 1×10 at 100%. Take 2-5min breaks between sets. Today, given dinosaur, crossfit, stronglift, dogcrap, madcow and numerous other systems, which have their place for intermediate and advanced athletes (generally someone who has trained regularly for over 18 months and can move more than bodyweight on the power lifts), simple systems like DeLorme and Watkins get forgotten. Yet nothing has come along to get someone who is raw bigger, stronger, faster and used to training than this program. Rather than taking a friend along to the gym and having them suffer through a workout they simply can’t complete, give them a basic, easy to follow program and have them succeed.