A beginning is a very delicate time. Anyone who’s been in the fitness game a while knows that every January and October there’s a rush into the gyms. Most of us wait 3 weeks and anyone who is left over is generally welcomed into the fitness community with open arms. Why? Because change is hard. When people ask me how they should start training, I generally say, “In the beginning, do something you know you will do. In 6 months when the habit of fitness has been formed, we’ll worry about getting things right. For now, worry about getting something done.” Many find this advice bewildering. It’s very simple. If you can do something, any fitness activity, regularly for 6 months, then changing your sets and reps, exercise selection, intensity of training, recovery modalities and other variables to better align with your goals is simply window dressing- the internal desire to train has already been developed. The change already happened on the inside.