Zainuddin et al. (2005) examined the effects on massage post workout on recovery. Subjects performed bicep and tricep exercises bilaterally. One arm received a sports massage several hours post-training and subjects would do a second training session. Data was collected concerning max strength levels, soreness, swelling of muscles, and blood drawn for creatine kinase activity. This was done pre-training, post-training, post-massage and post-training.

The sports massage had several effects. First, max strength was unaffected positively or negatively- thus those who believe that massage inhibits the contractility of the muscle and reduces strength need not worry. The massage reduced reported soreness, swelling and creatine kinase activity post-training.

Take home, while still an incomplete picture- it appears that sports massage will help athletes who have to play multiple matches in a same day competition. Assuming psychological arousal can be brought down and then back up, using this in longer-format tournaments would definitely be something to consider.