Knapikk (et al.) 2011 published a 6-year retrospective on the FBI’s physical training program. The FBI determines fitness levels using the physical fitness test. It is administered 4 times over a 17-week period. It consists of push ups to failure, 1 min max sit ups, 300m sprint, 1.5 mile run and pull-ups to failure. Over the last 6 years, 37% of those going through the course have been injured. Injuries occurred primary during defensive tactics and physical training (74% between the two of them). There was a strong correlation of injury among those who scored lower on the physical fitness test than those who scored higher- indicating that fitness and injury prevention for these types of activities are correlated. Interestingly, over the 6 years of data, all scores stayed the same except the 1.5mile run which has gotten slightly faster. It would bear investigation to see why this has occurred.