Bigger, faster, stronger: a profile of the modern professional athlete. One strength and conditioning component that’s been put on the back burner these past few years is maximum aerobic power.  Recently, the publication of the Brazilian male judo national team anthropokinetic data demonstrated the importance of maximum aerobic power on judo-specific performance.

Seven different weight-classes of athletes (n=22) were tested for body mass (kg), height (cm), body fat percentage, 1RM strength tests (bench press, row, squat), VO2max, and The Special Judo Fitness Test (SJFT). Following analysis, the authors concluded the following after their tests:

1. A higher body fat % was negatively correlated with activities involving body mass locomotion: VO2max run test and SJFT performance

2. Judo athletes with higher VO2max performed better in high intensity intermittent Judo combat (SJFT)

3. Bigger judo athletes were stronger

The inference is that both strength and max aerobic power capacity relate to SJFT is a reminder not to neglect it in training!