We’ll be taking a little detour from our usual suspects today. This will be a short article but one that is heart felt.

Suicide is actually a growing problem, locally and globally. Suicide affects athletes. 0.1% of high school athletes commit suicide (look it up).

The easiest (though not necessarily most effective) way to prevent suicide is to have friends and be involved in activities.

Do not let your, your child’s or your athlete’s entire self-identity be made up of their sport. Have them participate in other social activities, particularly in the off season when more time is available. This appears to be a major factor. Perceived social isolation (rather than actual isolation) plays a role. Being in situations that create social connections minimizes a sense of social isolation.

Athletics teaches us discipline, hard work, planning, team work, sacrifice and all the other great lessons of life. It’s a way of life but it’s just a game, don’t take it so seriously you kill yourself.