A professional athletes’ training volume is under increasing scrutiny nowadays. Most professional athletes’ are both great athletes great technicians in their areas of expertise. Novak Djokovic and Didier Drogba come to mind immediately.

The balance between training and recovery is a key consideration for any professional fitness coach. In order to recover, an athlete needs to focus on two key areas per day: nutrition and sleep. Provided that an athlete has good nutrition habits between training sessions, and can sleep 8-9 hours per night starting before midnight, a professional athlete can comfortably tolerate high volumes/intensities of training for blocks of 3-4 weeks at a time. Even on off days for a periodised training programme, an athlete can do a little something everyday.

Our suggestion is that an athlete can train with progressive overload for 4-5 days per week over three to four weeks. On off days, LSD and flexibility training/active recovery should be performed.