Iliotibial band syndrome is a condition in which the ITB (the band of fascia that runs along the outside of the leg, attaching the knee and the hip together, is irritated. Generally the pain is felt in the insertion at the knee but can be felt in other locations. Most studies show that weak hip abduction or weak glute muscles cause ITBS. Releasing the excess tension with foam roller work or if necessary, seeing a therapist for ART, AIS, Rolfing or another manual technique will deal with the initial problem. Strengthening the abductors will help the problem long-term. A small percentage of those with ITBS have an extra bursa under their ITB causing increased friction with training. In those cases, proper biomechanics play a major role in preventing a reoccurrence of the injury. If you find you have pain along the side of your leg or the outside of your knee that doesn’t correspond with a torn ligament or a damaged meniscus, consider ITBS and get on your foam roller. Watch what happens.