Suni et al 2012 published a study concerning the incidence of absenteeism, pain and function in the military. Groups were randomly assigned to intervention or control. The intervention group was an anti-tank and an engineering cohort while the control group was a signal and a mortar cohort. The intervention was to train and educate the young men not to use spinal flexion while lifting in daily tasks and to control neutral zone lumbar mechanics.

After 1 year of training, the number of low back pain incidents requiring off-days was 0.42 lower in the intervention group. The total number of incidents and the severity of incidents also demonstrated a down-ward trend but were not significant. Thus, basic neuromuscular coordination seems to have an effect on preventing back injury in young healthy males. Since very few sessions were required to train the men in this way, it should be considered as part of the lead-up to boot camp in states with a national draft.