The link between aerobic fitness and diabetes prevention or management has been well established. Most Diabetes associations recommend getting at least 150 min /week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise.

Grontved et al 2012 took a look at weight training and its effects. Over the course of the survey they determined that men who weight trained for at least 150 minutes also had a number of other healthy behaviors. They performed more aerobic activity, watched less television, drank and smoked less and ate a healthier diet compared to those who trained less or not at all.

Over the 18 year study, they found that; as reported previously; those who train aerobically for more than 150 minutes/week decrease their chances of type 2 diabetes by 52%. However, the new finding demonstrates that weight training for 150 minutes alone will decrease your chances by 34%. Combined training for a total time of 150 minutes/week leads to a 59% reduction in risk.

If you’re a middle aged man and aerobic classes or spinning don’t do it for you but you are pre-diabetic, don’t fret. Walk over to the bar and start lifting.