We have previously discussed that caffeine is an ergogenic aid which has been shown to improve endurance performance and reduce subjective perceptions of effort. A study published recently highlights the positive effect of caffeine ingestion on repeated sprint ability (RSA).

14 experienced male cyclists consumed either 6mg.kg of caffeine or placebo before participating in a repeated sprint protocol. The results demonstrate that peak power, mean power and total work performed was significantly greater for the caffeine condition than during placebo.

In another well designed study (double-blind crossover), eight well-trained rowers performed 4 * 2000m following ingestion of 6mg.kg caffeine, 0.3g.kg (bicarbonate), both supplements combined or placebo. The results showed a significant increase in rowing performance following caffeine ingestion, where mean power for the 2000m trial increased and time to end of exercise decreased by 2%.

These studies indicate that caffeine ingestion seems to have a positive ergogenic on multiple physical fitness components.

Lee et al. (2011)