The National Institute of Sport in Paris published its position paper on female training and recovery this month. The institute cited the research, showing how women and men replenish glycogen stores at equal rates. Interestingly, during long-duration events, women use lipids more than men and as such, lipids should make up 30-35% of their diet. Most female endurance athletes did not eat adequate amounts of protein or fat to ensure recovery and having minimum levels one should eat per day to ensure physical recovery from training was one of the main recommendations. When it came to alternative methods of recovery, evidence indicates that ice baths have a slightly greater effect on women than on men.

So if you’re a woman who likes to run, cycle or swim for distance- drink your Gatorade during and post training, eat your proteins and fats during the day and after a particularly bad day- sit in an ice bath for a few minutes and leave the men in your dust tomorrow.