Olympic weightlifting is a beautiful sport to watch. It requires the perfect coordination of muscle to achieve a good lift. The lifts are much more technical, much more explosive and you have much less wiggle room in these lifts than most others. I’m a fan of the powerlifts since they are easier to teach and practice, but I will never deny the power and grace the Olympic lifts require.
Over a 6yr period, the US Olympic Training Centre kept a record of their men’s weightlifting team injuries and published the results in 1999. The most striking fact was the rate of injury occurrence; 3.3 injuries per 1000 hours of training. So even the elite, in a perfect environment, are getting injuries about 3 times a year. For over 90% of injuries, 1 day of rest was required before returning to training. 69% of injuries were strains and tendonitis and 75% of injuries were to the back.

Take away message- monitor your posture while lifting, use good form, protect your back and take a day off when you need to. Injuries are going to happen, take a day to get things right and then head back to the gym.