Weighted sled are popular tools and for good reason. Rehab, prehab, terminal knee extension, speed work, recovery work- you name it, someone has found a way to do it with a sled. But will it help you get faster? That’s a pretty simple question we should be able answer. Studies published in the US, Greece and Australia all confirm the same data. Sled training compared with standard sprint work will increase one’s acceleration over the first 20m of a run. It has no effect on maximum velocity (the fastest speed you run at). Those training with a weighted sled showed decreased speed endurance compared to those doing sprint training. In general, research shows that times for 20-50m runs are faster with sled dominant while runs at 100m or more are faster with sprint dominant work. If you are a field athlete looking to be able to cross the field faster, I would definitely recommend a cycle or two of sled work as you will rarely be running more than 50m all out in one go. On the other hand, if you are a runner, while a cycle now and then will provide variety and improve acceleration, spend your time on traditional sprint training, you’ll be faster in the long run.