Core stability/strength in strength and conditioning is probably one of the most divisive topics among coaches.  Should the core be trained or not? What are the best exercises for specific muscles? Well, here are some tips:

1. Efficient functional training (overhead squat, O Lifts, P Lifts) will develop adequate levels of strength in 99% of anterior and posterior chain core muscles

2. Transverse abdominis (TVA) training is fine, but no need to spend lots of time on it

3. Diaphragm activation training can be very useful in providing stability and in assisting superficial core muscles to stabilise the torso

4. Gluteus Maximus is one of your major core muscles, train it with deep squat

5. Multifidus: spinal stabilizer, learn how to synchronise right and left sides at multiple levels

Remember to apply principles of overload and progression to developing a stronger core!